Friday, April 27, 2007

Owl House / My House / Bird Update

Well, as the home renovation continues, so does migration. Adam, the home renovator, built and installed a new home in my neighbor Moe's tree. It's designed to attract SCREECH OWLS. They nest in February... so we've got some time. I have hopes of an American Kestrel, but my friend Andy (bird expert) says there are not enough open fields for that action. I live in hope.

As far as my home is concerned, completion of the renovation is fast approaching. The second chimney is getting worked on this week, as are the floors, the trim, the lights and a new window. The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel now.

Today I intended to go birding with my friends Andy and Brian, but the forecast was for showers, wind and hail. I said hail no. I decided to stay home, work, run errands, fix things and stay dry. They still went... they are the real deal when it comes to birding. I felt really bad about it, but Mr. Oiseau (GOLDEN RETRIEVERUS LONELIUS) really needed the company.

As for the BLUEBIRDing at Greenbury Point... I've continued to evict HOUSE SPARROWS from about 9 of the 60 or so nest boxes. The good news is, we have our first bluebird egg of the season in one of the boxes. I look forward to meeting the chicks (and I know you know what I mean).

As for the SONG SPARROWS... they are nesting in my front japanese fir tree. I've been watching it go in and out all week with nesting materials.

As for the other migrant birds, they are arriving daily. Below is a photo of the latest yard arrival, the GRAY'S ANATOMY CATBIRD.

As for the PURPLE MARTIN house in West Annapolis... it's going to go up in Connie's yard (since she lives on the water in the prime nesting habitat for these birds). More on that later. For now, enjoy some photos.

Owl House Photo 1

House Photo 2

This was Adam's idea for the new closet. I think we could get an Ostrich or Wild Turkey to nest here!

Have a superb weekend. I'll be dropping by a Raptor Watch on Saturday at Fort Smallwood Park near Baltimore and on Sunday, I'm off to enjoy the National Arboretum and Rock Creek Park in DC.

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