Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for Nesting

The local SONG SPARROWS have decided that the small pine out in front of our home is worthy of a nest... their home. Only trouble is, there are a bevy of domestic cats that lurk in the yard. I've tried my best to keep them away, but even my Golden Retriever hasn't proven successful. Rather than watch this little Bird Couple build a nest, lay eggs, incubate them and raise their young, only to end up eaten by the friggin' cats, I thought I would do this...Surround the entire pine tree with a wire fence, so that the Song Sparrows can do go about their business doing this...And this...Joining them in the yard was this gentleman...And of course, he brought his lady friend with him... all the way from Central America!I suspect this RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD family have constructed, or are looking to build, a nest in some tree near the Song Sparrow's (I mean, the Haas Family's) home. Speaking of small birds, here is an EASTERN WOOD PEWEE!I forgot to publish these terrible photos of a recent trip to Northern Howard County in Central Maryland of my FOY (First Of Year) BLUE-WINGED WARBLER. Do try to enjoy these distant images.Speaking of trying to enjoy not-so-good photographs, how about one a CLIFF SWALLOW in her nest. This was taken not far from the Blue-winged Warbler spot in Ho Co.FINALLY, for those of you who are horticulturally-inclined...

Please help me identify the hummingbird-attracting plants that are currently flourishing in my garden. Name them all and I promise to call you first when my November BROAD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD arrives at our home.Oh, and one last thing...

WELCOME HOME WARREN. Warren was in Iran covering the elections recently. The Haas family was happy to hear that he landed back in the States yesterday. I'm sure he spent all night helping Lisa chase that bat out of their home.



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