Monday, April 12, 2010

A Quick Catch Up

I am really sorry that it's taken me so long to attend to this blog of mine. In an attempt to catch you up on things here is MD, I'll fast forward you through several months and a few dozen degrees in the temperature column in one long post. Here goes...I found this MUSCOVY DUCK (domestic type) while looking for ducks in Caroline County. This bird was particularly friendly, that is until I told it that I was fresh out of corn.There was also a SNOW BUNTING in Somerset County, way down South on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.And things were almost getting too slow, that is... until Ron Gutberlet found this TUFTED DUCK near Kent Island!The AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS returned to Blackwater in record numbers this year. They're up to 40 now... or something near that number.Recently, I heard about some RING-NECKED PHEASANT in Queen Anne's County.They were there, to be sure, but something about the blue jewelry got me thinking that these incredibly beautiful birds were not wild. I found 4 in minutes, and sadly another one dead on the road.But now... MIGRATION is ON. Bring on the warblers, the vireos, the tanagers, the swifts, the hummingbirds, the flycatchers, the shorebirds! We'll start with this LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH that found on Honeysuckle Lane here in Anne Arundel County. It was singing in it's usual spot, right on time if not just a tad early!

Truth be told, my birding has been kept to a minimum. I've been having fun with these rare beauties...Enjoy your spring!


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