Monday, June 20, 2011

Urban Kestrels

This morning, while helping with a furniture installation in Hamden at Hamden Elementary School, I stepped outside to make a phone call. While I was on the phone, a vibrant and vocal male AMERICAN KESTREL streaked past in the skies, eventually perching in a tree on the next block.It would seem that I find more Kestrels in Baltimore City in the summer months than I do (in what one would think is a more appropriate habitat) on the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland!So, I propose this: go bird Baltimore sometime soon. There are only a handful of parks and cemeteries, but I've found Kestrels in the middle of neighborhoods where there is little to no parkland (wild areas).Since I have to be in the city for work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, I think I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled for urban falcons. And of course, I'll eBird the results!

Good Birding,


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