Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Peregrine Falcon Rescue Part II: Window Collision

Before I delve too deep into it, I should tell you that this story has yet to be completely written. At this very moment (4:10pm on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007), a female 1st year Peregrine Falcon that fledged from Virginia is being treated in Newark, DE at Tri State Bird Rescue after flying head first into the side of a glass building in Lanham, MD.

I read about the injured falcon Monday on the MDOsprey listserv. Being an avid falcon rescuer, I sent some emails to those who could help. I figured the bird would soon be safe.

On Tuesday I followed up with Ed, the person who first reported the collision. At first he told me that the banded female Peregrine that hit the building had flown away. The bird was no longer on the roof where he had first spotted it, injured, alive but no longer able to fly. A few minutes later, Ed sent me a follow up email to let me know that the raptor was, in fact, STILL on the roof in the same condition. This email exchange took place late Tuesday evening. The injured falcon had now been there (luckily in the shade) for at least two days.

I quickly started to work the phones and email. This morning, Craig at USFWS rushed over to collect the bird from the building's roof using a ladder. It was a scene, Craig said. The building's employees were everywhere and very interested in the rescue. Craig told me that the bird's wings looked fine, but there was still possible serious head trauma, internal injuries and/or fractures. He also mentioned that the bird was quite dehydrated.

It was shuttled to a waiting transport vehicle and then rushed to the the Tri State facility in Newark.

I am awaiting an update on the health of the bird from Tri-State. I'll let everyone know as soon as I find out. That said, there is more to this story that should be cause for concern. All that and more in, "Peregrine Rescue PART III: Fixing The Building."

In the meantime, visit Tri State's WEBSITE and donate some money today. They need dollars to fix these injured birds. Thanks.


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