Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It's only a matter of time until my BIRDCAM captures a photo of the resident COOPERS HAWK. For the second time in three days, I've come within five feet of the neighborhood songbird snatcher. Let me explain.

This afternoon, upon my return home from work, the dogs and I went for a brief walk. As soon as we returned, I made my way to the backyard. It was time to snatch up the BIRDCAM. Ah yes... it's always a thrill to see what rarity paid a visit to the feeders while I visited schools. "MEMORY FULL," said the BIRDCAM. Thoughts of Northern Shrikes and Pine Siskins, Evening Grosbeaks and Red Crossbills danced in my head. I just knew some fine candid shots would soon appear in iPhoto.

At that very moment, the birds in the evergreen behind me started to chirp like mad!

The chorus of squeaks and songs sounded stranger than normal. No, it wasn't the typical, "Hey everyone, here comes that guy to fetch that camera thing!," or, "Watch out, it looks like were getting refills on seed and water! Bath anyone?"

Instead, the singing and screaming sounded quite worrisome. I couldn't PISH this well if I practiced for a year! I wondered, "What on earth are these birds carrying on abou.. huh?"


When I turned around to investigate, I was surprised to find the COOPERS HAWK perched in the Juniper trees that line the back yard. This magestic bird was three thrilling footsteps away from where I stood, in awe. Here (below) is an idea of what I saw, thanks to a little Mac magic and a Bill Hubick photo!Since both of us were a bit excited to see each other, one of us had to finch... I mean, FLINCH.

Anyway, the bird took off. He (or she) flew directly over my roof, and suddenly swooped down and to the left. Imagine a WWII fighter pilot banking and diving in his P-51 Mustang and you've got a pretty good visual. The hawk, obviously still hungry, headed towards the HOUSE SPARROW infested rose bushes out front. These are the same bushes where I'd spied the raptor earlier this week.

Tomorrow I will attempt to place the camera with hopes of catching the hawk in action. I will also be leaving the hawk a recipe for some HOUSE SPARROW sushi. Yum.

Meantime, enjoy a few pics of today's birds hamming it up for the BIRDCAM.

Soon I will begin to really experiment with this BIRD CAM. I'm thinking video mode is next!

Good Birding,


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