Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

I just arrived home from my music gig tonight (last one of the year) and loaded my guitars and things into the house.

And wHOOooo was there in the neighbors yard serenading my arrival? An EASTERN SCREECH OWL.

I quickly ran into the house to grab Emery. She (and the dogs) came outside to join me in the fun. Yes, I'm weird... a little.

Anyway, just as she got outside, I saw a shadow from the street light of something flying. The Screech Owl quietly flew over our home and into the tall pines across the street. We looked up to watched this fine little bird vanish into the darkness. He (or she) whinnied for a little bit from across the street and then moved on... or hushed up.

The Owl, like my band this evening, didn't do any encores. I suppose I should've tipped him somehow?

Either way, that owl house that Adam and I put up last summer in the back yard might just get some use after all.Being that it's now officially my birthday, that was a great little present.

Good Birding,


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