Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Preserve Some Land... Save the Bay

After all of the stories we've been reading about illegal developments, the bay's declining health and sprawl, there is finally some good news. Hopefully, there will be more stories like this in the coming weeks and months! NOT developing land that is important to the health of the Bay, our Board of Public Works agree, is a good thing.I am on the board for the Scenic Rivers Land Trust. We do things for the Bay and the region... like preserving lands and protecting and restoring the environment.After umpteen or so years of trying to "Save the Bay," groups like CBF, the local River Keepers, the Chesapeake Bay Trust, our State (and surrounding states), SRLT and every other environmental group, seem to be barely making a dent in protecting and restoring everyone's Chesapeake Bay. Do not get me wrong. These groups are doing some amazing things and enacting some fantastic changes to help our region's more precious natural resource. How many more failing report cards can the bay receive before we seriously address the problems?This deal is, at the very least, a step in the right direction.We residents of the mid-Atlantic should be doing more now. It's time that every one got their hands dirty in order to make the region clean and healthy again. Stream restorations, erosion control, intelligent agricultural practices and responsible development are the cornerstones that will help support this process.Wouldn't it be cool if everyone took one day a year to ACTUALLY clean up local streams, creeks, lakes and rivers around where they live?Just some wild ideas people... that's all. Here's hoping some of these wild ideas take off soon.

Good Preserving!


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Kathryn and Ari said...

Great blog--and thanks for the injection of good news. We need it in this day and age!

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