Saturday, February 9, 2008

Struck Out On The Shrike

I drove. I looked. I searched. I scanned. I enjoyed. But I saw not a beak, nor a feather of the NORTHERN SHRIKE in Baltimore County's Cromwell Park this afternoon. A fellow birder saw the shrike mere minutes before my arrival. Ah, timing...

I think I'm staying inside tomorrow to do some taxes. It is supposed to be very windy and cold. That, my friends, is perfect tax-preparing weather.

These few photos were my consolation for missing the SHRIKE.That EASTERN BLUEBIRD I found on the Naval Academy's golf course on Greenbury Point. I assist my friend Doug Forsell, from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, with the monitoring of the points MANY bluebird boxes over the spring and summer. I'd like to think I somehow helped that little bird grow up to be an upstanding bluebird on the course. At the very least, I kept an angry HOUSE SPARROW out of it's nest a time or two.

The other birds (above) are: an AMERICAN KESTREL that I saw at Cromwell Valley Park, and a RUBY CROWNED KINGLET and YELLOW RUMPED WARBLER that were seen this afternoon on Greenbury Point.

With the arrival of some afternoon sun, it turned out to be yet another fine, albeit quiet, day in the field.

Good Birding,


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