Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today The Schools Were Closed

Throughout my School Specialty territory and beyond, most all of the schools in Maryland were closed due to the Potomac (or the Chesapeake) Primary Elections. Call this primary what you will, I still didn't vote. Not because I didn't want to, but because I am registered INDEPENDENT. And that means that I don't count... yet. I needed to do SOMETHING with my day.

After dropping my boy Declan off at my Mom and Dad's home (his grandparents), I drove South to visit some schools in Calvert County and oh yes... quickly see a LIFE BIRD. What's more, I brought my camera to document the fun. Please enjoy these photos of the BATTLE CREEK CYPRESS SWAMP'S finest: an EVENING GROSBEAK and a PURPLE FINCH. I almost think that PURPLE FINCH is a LIFE bird for me as well, but my ID skills are still being perfected and I've seen a number of female finches that could have been PURPLES. So, let's just say that today I saw MTWO LIFE BIRDS.

According to the DNR's website, "the 100-acre Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary is one of the last remaining sites where the bald cypress tree occurs naturally in the state of Maryland, and it is one of the northernmost stands of bald cypress in the United States." As a bonus for your enjoyment, I threw in a photo of two EASTERN TOWHEES and a RUBY CROWNED KINGLET that I saw at North Beach Marsh on my way home.

A little birdy towhee'd me to post that photo.

It's not a real blog until I've put in at least ONE bad joke.

The light was sketchy today. There were lots of clouds. Luckily, the weather folks were off yet again. No snow or rain or sleet or precipitation of any kind whilst I was out and about today.

I only wish that these PURPLE FINCHES would visit my feeders here in West Annapolis!

Good Voting (& Birding),


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