Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me? I'm Feeling Better, Thanks. Contest Anyone?

Thankfully, I have (almost) fully recovered from last week's cold. A few lingering 'memories' remain. A sniffle here, a sneeze there. I'm sure you get the idea. So I don't really have all that much to tell you that you probably don't already know.

What happened this week so far? Hmm.

I saw a LIFE bird: Three RUSTY BLACKBIRDS to be exact. RUSTY BLACKBIRDS are in the midst of some serious issues lately (the past few decades). Their populations have declined more than almost any other bird species in North America (except for maybe the CAROLINA PARAKEET and the PASSENGER PIGEON). Read all about the plight of the RUSTY BLACKBIRD HERE. No wonder they've been so hard to find!

And I ALMOST forgot to mention... a sizable ice shelf has broken off in Antarctica. Think Connecticut falling off of the continental United States and you have an idea of the magnitude of the melt. Our time and energy would be well-served if everyone devoted time and energy to taking care of THIS our one and only earth. Nothing like a little global warming to bring us all together, right? We could all hold hands and sing.

It makes all of the other stuff we worry about seem rather small in comparison.

Or, we could all just look at some birds.If you can name all of the birds in the photos above, I'll give you a free BEN'S BONES "Live at the Ram's Head On Stage" CD! A compact disc is like an MP3, only it's round, reflective and plays in a CD player. You still have one, right? Not to worry, you can rip it on your computer in no time at all.

First one to get 'em all correct gets the CD! No cheating.

All the best,


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