Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anyone want to name that bird? SOLVED

This little bird (below) was seen on Route 495 perched right next to a farm pond in Garrett County, Maryland. Feel free to Google Earth the exact location for yourself. The pond is located right next to the "d" in Bittinger Road, just between Glendale Rd and O'Brien Road.
If you'd prefer, simply click on any of the photos for the larger version.I figured that since migration is slowing down a bit, maybe you needed something to do?

Some of the emailed responses were: GRASSHOPPER SPARROW, SAVANNAH SPARROW and even a female INDIGO BUNTING. But there were SEVEN votes for a female BOBOLINK.

I hereby declare... this bird is a BOBO!

You want another? I've got some more...

Good Birding,


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