Monday, June 9, 2008

The West Annapolis Flood of 2008

After Wednesday's storms, and Thursday and Friday's floods, how lucky were we all to have the temperatures climb into the 100's? So lucky. Especially us Haas family members.Our AC blew out last Saturday and the parts didn't arrive until Friday. Of course, installation of those special parts couldn't take place until a few hours ago on Monday afternoon. It's been a total nightmare.When we first stumbled on the flood waters at 2AM on Thursday morning, my guitars were under three inches of water. Most were in cases, but a few were in soft cases and soaked. They were dried immediately and seem to have survived. They'll all need a tune up and neck adjustment after the humidity spike. The cases are mostly dry now, but all have some damage. I lost a slew of CD's from being on the ground, as well as the two towers that held them organized on the wall.The desk that used to have twelve straight legs have now expanded to have thicker bases. The wood finish on the furniture all show the high water mark as well. Luckily, I saved most all of my studio equipment and microphones. Some paintings and memories were ruined and the carpet is no more. But, trying to work here in my home for three days in the 97 degree heat was nearly impossible.The good news is that the AC is back on and *hopefully* working. The wall board (drywall) and the insulation behind them were soaked over a foot off the ground. They will have to be removed soon. The hot water heater has also finally been able to stay lit. Up until today, the pilot light kept going off.Floods are seriously no fun. But I am still the luckiest person ever to have a happy healthy family.Emery, Declan, Oiseau, Kee Kee and I all owe my folks a huge debt of gratitude for housing us these past few days. What a mess. I hope you've enjoyed these few photos of our madness. There wasn't a bird in sight to be discussed in todays blog!

On a side note, I wanted to inform all of you who might be interested: I will be leading a kayak trip through our basement after the next big rainstorm. I hope you can attend.


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