Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guess the Prey?

Are you interested in a little photo-quiz-guessing game? A COOPERS HAWK was enjoying some small bird this afternoon in St. Margarets. Luckily, I had my camera with me and caught some of the action.Have any idea what was on the menu for this raptor?As you can see, the little bird was trying it's best to survive.You also may have noticed how dark it was under that tree this afternoon.One last struggle to not become dinner proved unsuccessful.The natural world can be quite brutal sometimes.From this photo, one might be tempted to think it was either a Barn Swallow or a young American Robin that this hawk was about to devour.If you look in this photo (above), this raptor's dinner is just to the right of the stick.But what do you think this blurry passerine might be that the hawk was about to consume?How I wish I could take better photos. "Taking Photographs That Aren't Blurry, Dark or Over Exposed for Dummies," is on my holiday wish list.And so... after this year's grueling challenge of attempting to see 300 species of bird in Maryland, I will be setting my sights on becoming a better photographer in 2009!Mmm. Nature. it makes birds strike some odd poses, no?


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