Friday, August 15, 2008

A Weekend Wake-Up Call

Please CLICK HERE to listen to an audio segment from today's Science Friday broadcast on NPR.Biodiversity is rather important, wouldn't you say? And on a similar note, there was an earlier discussion about ethanol and the importance of local agriculture, that was quite enlightening. You can listen to that discussion HERE.These broadcasts / discussions are worth listening to, should you have a moment. They gave me pause to really think about our future here on this little earth. Looking back, some of our lawmakers (can't really call them 'leaders', can we?) are rethinking President Carter's ideas regarding energy, the environment and sustainability.

I find this subject so very interesting, albeit frightening. Perhaps I will focus more of my blogs on environmental subjects such as these in the near future.

P.S. I sure hope NPR doesn't mind me using their logos. They are their logos, and they own the rights to them, etc. If they do mind, I'll take them down. If they do not... well, thanks NPR. I think they make this blog post look so much nicer!

Enjoy your weekend,


1 comment:

Ivey Family said...

Came across your blog randomly...NPR broadcast was thought I had was that if someone was around at the time to save the dinosaurs which of the current beautiful creatured would not have been able to survive? Would man be here? Maybe the frogs dying is God's way of introducing new species?

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