Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gypsy in the Backyard?

This 'white-wing-tipped' Mourning Dove was on my feeder this afternoon (well, it's tail anyway). To quote some more lyrics, this time from the great Stevie Nicks..."Went today. Maybe I will go again tomorrow. And the music... there it was hauntingly familiar. And I see you doing what I try to do for me. With the words from a poet and the voice from a choir. And a melody. Nothing else mattered." What does all that mean? Oh baby oh... I don't know. But look, here's an odd little bird.I'm guessing the bird was probably sixteen years old. At most this bird was MAYBE... just barely on the 'Edge of Seventeen'. Seriously though, perhaps this dove inadvertently perched on the edge of a can of white paint? A far better explanation might be that this bird was fast asleep when the truck that paints the lines on the road came by to lay a fresh coat?Please excuse the bad photos (yet again). Emery was cooking up some delicious dinner, and I was feeding Declan. I had to take these photos through an admitedly filthy kitchen window. But admit it, you're starting to get used to these bad photos of mine.

UPDATE: I should have checked a Sibley (or any field guide for that matter) in order to quickly learn that this 'white tip' is actually the normal color and pattern on the tail feathers of Mourning Doves. I'm not really all that smart, which makes it so much easier for me to learn something new. Maybe you did too? But really, you are probably just enjoying a hearty laugh at my expense. I'm happy to be offer up some light comedic bird-related nonsense to brighten up your day.


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