Friday, January 23, 2009

Mockingbirds Prefer Volvo-Purified Water

I want to tell you a story. It's a little something that I noticed this morning. But first, an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW!So I go outside this morning to greet my Mom, who has come over to mind Declan for the day. When I look towards my driveway, I notice that our MOCKINGBIRD is attacking the sunny side of my Volvo.Was the bird trying get a closer look at my 'American Bird Conservancy' and 'Cornell Lab of Ornithology' stickers on the back window? Perhaps it was picking a fight with it's own reflection?

No on both counts.After approaching my car from a distance, I learn that the Mockingbird was actually drinking the ice melt that was dripping down the side of my car. I took some photos, which I'll develop later and then post to the blog.

What's so odd about this behavior, you ask? Less than five feet away from where this bird always hangs out, there is a fresh, open source of water. And in the back yard, this Mocker could literally swim laps in a brand new avian jacuzzi that I just installed.Despite all those beverage choices, my Mockingbird prefers only the finest freshly-melted water from a Volvo wagon. Picky bird.Enjoy your weekend!


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