Monday, February 2, 2009

Existential Bird Metaphoring

Some of us are content to simply sit still... to hang out... to lie there and wait for something to happen. Take for example this WILSON'S SNIPE.Others of us have that constant, almost burning desire to push ahead... to drive on... to stand out from the crowd... to get unstuck from the jam.Yes, and like this REDHEAD, simply swim on through the traffic.Yet sometimes we find ourselves hovering, or worse... endlessly circling like this ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.Some 'fate-based' folks prefer to float through life. Sure there are those occasional ups and downs... or in the case of this WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, dives and flights. You've got to take the good with the bad. The rough with the smooth. The sweet with the sour. It's all about achieving balance.Some of us look pretty good when we stretch our wings. Take for example this AMERICAN WIGEON in flight.And yet, there are those who shine their brightest when simply taking the time to stop and relax.There are others who prefer the direct route, like this BALD EAGLE. No stop lights. No waiting. Who wants to slow down when there is something one needs to catch?Picking one self up and getting off the ground is always a chore. And some look better than others at doing it, like this EURASIAN WIGEON.But it's something we all must do to get to where we want to be...So spread those wings, get on up and enjoy the view once you're there... like this AMERICAN KESTREL.On a serious note, I had a blast this past Sunday on the Eastern Shore with my son Declan, my friend Chris Murray and his girlfriend Eliza Toomey (my wife Emery's sister), Ross Geredien, Paul Baicich and the BIRD COUPLE, Warren and Lisa Strobel. It's good friends like these, and a wonderful son like Declan that keep me anchored in life... tied down safe, floating in my safe little harbour... a river of my own happiness.Enjoy your week!


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Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

We had a wonderful time, too, always do with the Haas' extended family! Great pix, especially that Bald Eagle in flight.

Sorry we dipped on WWCR and NOBO this morning. I had a Cooper's Hawk flying over Capitol Hill on my way in to work.

Until the next birding adventure...
Warren (and L)

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