Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop Bird Kills at Communications Towers

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has estimated that approximately 50 million birds are killed every year simply because of lighted communications towers. Scientists have shown that migrating birds become disoriented and trapped by the halo of light surrounding towers that use steady-burning illumination, especially during fowl weather. Migrating birds will circle endlessly until they either collide with the structure, each other, or simply fall dead from sheer exhaustion. In just one instance, more than 10,000 dead birds were found under a single communication tower in ONE night! Spring bird migration is nearly underway. The new Obama administration in the White House has voiced its commitment to science-based decision-making. And with new leadership at the FCC, NOW is the time to urge the Commission to safeguard our neotropical migratory songbirds.


Read more about this serious issue HERE.

Please DO IT for your children's children. Declan says, "Thank You!"And when you're done saving the birds, sit back and read THIS article. As a musician and a lover of lush, orchestral sounds, I can completely relate to the thought that the natural world around us is not merely a bird singing over there, or an insect buzzing over there... it's a symphony. It's a beautiful theory, and it illuminates yet one more way we humans impact the natural world around us.


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