Monday, March 23, 2009

March, the latest

So this weekend......there was this GREATER WHITE FRONTED GOOSE on Gibson Island. That was nice. Here is the now-famous speckle-bellied goose standing alongside a relative, the CANADA GOOSE.Her she (I think it's a she anyway) having a swim. So relaxing.Oh, then there was this 'other' bird that I REALLY can't talk about right now. It looks a bit like this though...And this...Ok, and this...I was bored last night (after the DecMan went to sleep), so I did these...Don't you just love the BLUE JAY'S attitudes? That moderately-sized blue bird told that more orange-than-red tailed raptor to take off.Progressively artsy, right? I'm think this one for my next album cover. Or, maybe for my next CD cover? No, wait, my next digital download cover? Whatever... I need to write a song first.Lastly, it wouldn't be a blog these days without a PEREGRINE update. They're both doing well, copulating still and she is getting larger. I say she looks beautiful... glowing almost. I hope he tells her the same. Here she is now...I can relate to him. I have a little PEFA here at home is glowing as well.He has been very busy bringing her meal after meal, in preparation for the kids... chicks they call 'em. When last I saw him, he brought her a RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD for dinner. She took it, probably just to have a nibble. He took it back and put it someplace special. I think it was for some sort of romantic evening meal. Mmm, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, served with a side of STARLING perhaps? How invasive and delightful!

Here he is now, our local tiercel, working his feathers to look all dapper for dinner.Now, my photography skills have atrophied a bit lately. I've not had the time to get out there and practice. But here is one photo that isn't too awful. In fact, I think it's quite FOXy.Have a great week!


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