Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Napoleon, We Found Bonaparte's Gulls in the Waterloo!

Yesterday after the snow fell here in Maryland, my buddy Chris Murray, my son Declan and I did a little birding around town. In Bay Ridge we found 12 BONAPARTE'S GULLS. That was a new high count for me here in Anne Arundel County. Declan too!Bonies are some very cool gulls. They feed like a phalarope, spinning constantly in tight circles. They've got a very swift flight style, bright pink (sometime red legs) and have a striking wing color pattern.Then we found a banded TUNDRA SWAN showing off his neck 'bling' to all of his 'peeps'. Actually, I think when it comes to swans, they are known as 'honks'. All bad jokes aside, it was so cool to finally get some snow to go with all this cold.Here are a few photos from Monday's snow day that made me happy. Stay warm and enjoy your week.Oh yes, and PABU say hello too. A Painted Bunting in the snow... what?I speak for the Bunting, Declan, Chris and myself when I say... ON TO SPRING please!



Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Beautiful pictures - espeically those Bonies. My favorite gull. We're here in Paris airport for a few hours, en route New Delhi... Much fun and birding together when we return..

Warren & L

Nervous Birds said...

New Delhi? Lucky you!!!

I might, if I'm treating myself well, have lunch at my Local Delhi. I'll have some curry in honor of you two.

Have fun. Bee safe. See birds. Tell us stories.

See you soon and enjoy!

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