Thursday, April 2, 2009

Year Birds Are Like a Box of Chocolates

This week alone has been a bounty of new year birds for me, here in Anne Arundel County. It hasn't required lots of effort. Most of them are just merely observed while doing my day to day. It's easy this time of year; the birds just come to you!From Royal Terns to Caspian Terns, from Northern Rough-Winged Swallows to Barn Swallows, from Chipping Sparrows to... well, I'm still waiting for the LeConte's Sparrow to show up again! ; ) The year birds are dripping from the trees, falling from the skies, playing in the mud, swimming in the water and hiding in the grass.Look at the bush outside your bedroom window. See those little leaves about to explode?Notice the trees? Yep, they are ready to paint the brown branches green.Have you seen the ground? There are plants bursting out of the mulch!It's wonderful. I hope you are enjoying it. Oh, and these photos... well, they are of those WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS that invaded West Annapolis a short while ago.


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