Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yellow-headed Blackbird in Scotland

Okay, so when I write Scotland, I'm referring to St. Mary's County, MD. Just in case you thought I took a flight across the Atlantic to see this bird. I only drove to the South to the fields just before Point Lookout. The bird stayed a fair distance away from us the entire morning, before a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK decided to fly in, thereby dispersing the blackbird flock far away and all over. Here are a few distant shots of this beautiful bird.I'll never look at a flock of Starlings and Cowbirds the same again...


ps. Remind me sometime to tell you a story all about the Goshawk that might have been.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Le Conte's Sparrow in Howard County

On a day when a YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was found in St. Mary's County (a would be lifer), I can't be at all upset about observing this little sparrow this morning. There is always Sunday to chase...Good Birding,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Hummingbirds

I welcome your thoughts on this bird that appeared today (or possibly yesterday) to the plants in our yard. For the record, I shot these in the mid-day sun, through a window. My apologies for the quality of the photographs.
Here are two more shots from this morning (7:40AM, presumably the same bird). The bird sure looked interesting, but thought it was most likely a richly colored Ruby-throat.Good Birding,


The fall out was incredible at Kinder Park this morning, in the heart of Severna Park, MD. Far and away, the best bird was this CLAY-COLORED SPARROW. Enjoy!-Dan

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