Monday, June 4, 2007

catbirds on eggs

Ah, the day after a big Maryland rain. It's refreshing indeed.

Well, since we last chatted, the House Wrens have fledged a few hot chicks. The Carolina Wrens have returned. (Although, I don't know where they ventured off to these past few months?) The House Finches are EVERYWHERE. There are probably two or three broods of chicks out and about visiting my feeders. Today there were three Northern Cardinals chicks today testing their new flight feathers. And, yes, even the House Sparrows chicks are everywhere. I really don't care for them after seing how they mutilate my bluebirds. More on that in a later post. On the lighter side, there have been three ultra-daring, unbelievably brave squirrels. These past few days, the squirrels have 'almost' been formally introduced to my Golden Retriever Oiseau's brand new K-9 teeth on more than a few occassions. I don't mind, it keeps him occupied for hours staring out the door with awe at all of the baby birds and teenage squirrels running around the feeders. It's TV for dogs.

In any case, the big news today is that I found the Gray Catbird's nest in the rose bush in front of my house. See for yourself!

As some of you may know, I sing and play guitar in a few bands. I saw this comic this morning in the Baltimore Sun and I enjoyed it.

Be well. More fun stories to come...


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