Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Blues are still nesting AND other sightings...

Here is the latest in my little birding world. I saw a few things last week of note. On my trip to Merkle Wildlife Refuge in Prince Georges County, MD, I got to view an immature White Ibis. It took me two trips. On the first trip, with my scope and camera, I managed to see a Little Blue Heron, some Purple Martins (which I always enjoy) and not that this is too impressive, but a Red-Winged Blackbird. The bird, I thought, contrasted well amoungst the lights green of the grasses.

The Little Blue Heron.

One of the many Purple Martins.

That Red-Winged Blackbird that I mentioned earlier.

Ah yes, and the White Ibis. I should mention that this photo was taken using an iPhone pressed up one of the lenses of my binoculars. Not bad, eh?

One more of the rare White Ibis.

On Sunday, I went to check on the last straglers of Bluebirds who are STILL laying eggs! I love it. On my journey to peer in to the many boxes on the Naval Academy Golf Course here in Annapolis, I took a little wooded trail (above). It was there, and a few other places / habitats on Greenbury Point, that I saw...

4 Wood Thrush
1 Chickadee
2 Barn Swallow
1 Purple Martin
7 Bluebirds
1 Chimney Swift
2 Northern Cardinals
1 Tufted Titmouse
1 Blue Jay
1 Eastern Kingbird
2 Carolina Wren
1 Osprey
American Robins
American Crows
Mourning Doves
Chipping Sparrows w/ fledglings


1 Coopers Hawk. This swift flying raptor flew over my head, down the wooded path and up into the trees. A few moments later, it flew back up under the tree canopy and above the path towards me with something in it's talons. It was being chased by two smaller birds that I couldn't make out (mockingbirds would be my guess) in all the commotion. I wonder if it raided a nest, or was being mobbed? All the same, it was quite an adventureous hike.

I didn't hear the Northern Bobwhites out on the point. Finally, while I was back in the woods, I heard the strangest call. It was a scream, no... more like a wailing scream. I thought it was a raptor of some kind... but, I'm still learning. I carry around my Stokes guide and my BirdJam on my iPhone for reference. No luck.

On Saturday evening I saw a Black-Crowned NIght Heron on Weems Creek. Also of note, on Sunday morning I heard a Red-Eyed Vireo and saw a Green Heron at Quiet Waters Park while walking the dogs.

ABOVE and BELOW: Here are five little Bluebirds that about to fledge (if they haven't already).

Good birding,

Dan Haas
West Annapolis, MD

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