Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blue Grosbeak

It's been amazing weather. At the very least, it's not typical for August in Maryland. The temps these last few days have been hovering in the 70's and the skies have finally, at long last, opened up. The garden in the yard may actually look healthy for a change!

In any case, I took Oiseau for a trip to Greenbury Point for some ball. We saw Purple Martins feeding up high, a Green Heron, a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, two Kingbirds in aerial combat, American Goldfinch everywhere and even a trio of Osprey flying and yelling about the place. They didn't look like locals. The best bird of our hour visit was a Blue Grosbeak. That's Bill Hubick's photography. Fun.

While I was at John Hanson Middle School in Charles County for work today, I had to stop for more than a minute to admire thirty or so Chimney Swifts flying in and around the gray brick smoke stack on the side of the school. I love that I am able to do even the slightest bit of birding during my workday, even if means only looking up as I enter or exit a school. Being aware of the little things makes the thought of presenting art to twenty art educators seem like no big deal. It's a constant way to shape the day's perspective.

Here are two photos of some odd bugs I noticed on a plant at the entrance to the Visitor Center at Greenbury Point. Enjoy.

ps. Tomorrow, I'll be kayaking... weather permitting. I am hoping to see something interesting.

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