Saturday, November 10, 2007

Waiting for Siskin

Here I've been... waiting all week for the PINE SISKINS, RED CROSSBILLS, PURPLE FINCHES and EVENING GROSBEAKS to visit my feeders. All that's been eating my thistle, suet and sunflower seeds, it would seem, are HOUSE SPARROWS (HOSP). Earlier in the week, there were about 9 of HOSP. The past two days have produced numbers well into the 30's. I figure by the end of the week, HOUSE SPARROWS will number in the thousands!
Where is that COOPER'S HAWK when I need him?

I'm not complaining, mind you. It never gets old to see some BLUE JAYS, CARDINALS, HOUSE FINCHES, WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS, CHICKADEES, TUFTED TITMICE, DOWNY WOODPECKERS, SONG SPARROWS, GOLDFINCHES, DARK EYED JUNCOS & CAROLINA WRENS. (Impressive, right?? Movie action from the BIRDCAM. Is there no limit to the fun???)

But reports of the SISKINS and PURPLE FINCHES arrival around our region are being posted posted daily on MDOSPREY! Maybe SISKINS avoid areas where dense populations of HOUSE SPARROWS exist? Maybe they've seen the COOPERS HAWK and decided to venture of to nuttier pastures? As you can see, I've lost half of the pine tree in last winter's ice storm. Could it be a lack of pine cones in the yard?

With both eyes fixed on the feeders, Emery and I will be here in Annapolis, anticpating the arrival of Mr. Siskin and his Boreal friends.Good Birding,


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Larry said...

I've had the same problem here. We've been getting reports of zSiskins and Redpolls.I'm hoping they'll make it to my feeders.They haven't yet that's for sure.-Have you seen that comet? It looks great in binoculars.

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