Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wind Farms in Western, MD BLOW

An article in this morning's Baltimore Sun informed readers that a Pennsylvania company is asking the O'Malley administration for leases in two Western Maryland state forests so it can clear up to 400 mountaintop acres to build about 100 wind turbines.

The complete article can be viewed by clicking HERE.

This is a terrible proposal.

If you agree, please EMAIL Governor O'Malley and tell him that clear cutting Maryland's forested mountain tops (PUBLIC LAND) is a really dumb idea.

-It would destroy acres and acres of valuable habitat, scenery and wilderness.
-These turbines will no doubt kill countless migratory birds.
-Old growth forests would be clear cut.
-In the long run, these wind farms will be of little benefit to anyone EXCEPT the company that makes a fortune selling, building and installing them.

The article states that, "The projects in the Potomac and Savage River state forests would cost $400 million and would generate enough pollution-free electricity for about 55,000 homes, said David F. McAnally, chairman of the company."

Do the math.

That's a cost of $7,272 per home. For that same dollar amount, those 55,000 homes could be outfitted with solar and not one mountaintop would be destroyed! No trees would be cut. No birds would die. No scenery would be ruined. No one company would profit. And no pollution would occur.

This wind farm proposal is a really bad idea, if you ask me. There are other choices and EVERY option needs to be explored.

Tell Governor O'Malley that this wind farm idea BLOWS!

HERE is how to contact the Governor.

And HERE is how to contact the Board of Public Works.




Veery said...

I am not against wind power, but this does seem like the wrong way to go in this situation.

Old growth forest should never be cut, and if it is so expensive that solar power is cheaper, why wouldn't they do that?

We have to be smart in our decisions, even the renewable ones.

Blogger said...

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