Friday, December 7, 2007

Singing, then Birding

Josh Chapman and I will be opening the show for Raul Malo, lead singer of The Mavericks, in a few hours at the Ram's Head LIVE! In Baltimore. So I wanted to get all three of this blog's readers in a 'weekend rock n' roll' kind of a mood. So, what better way than a self-promoting rock photo or two?

Ah yes, but first I should tell you a story.

A friend of mine, Allison, took these very cool photographs of my band and I at a gig last January in Williamsburg, VA. My band and I were asked to (for the 2nd year in a row) perform for the Democratic Members of the House and Senate. Yes, Nancy Pelosi was in the crowd and she rocked out to our band. Actually, she even was at a wedding that we played last summer in DC as well.

Do the math (I never tire of that expression).

"The Speaker," as I like to call her, has seen us rock out no less than THREE times! She's almost like, uh, our biggest fan! Mmm, well there was that stalker back in '98. Ahh, the many fond memories. Those sure were the days. Sigh.

Where was I? Oh yes...

Here are two photos of John Hall and I singing his hit "Still The One," that he wrote with the band "Orleans." We also did their other hit, "Dance With Me," but judging by my facial expressions, we were working the more upbeat tune at the time of Allison's photos. By the way, that's the magnificent Meg Murray in the background!
I almost forgot to tell you... tomorrow I am going out birding with All-Star Birder/Photographer Bill Hubick. I am looking forward to a great (bird and music-filled) weekend. Enjoy!


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