Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Thoughts

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. It's that special time of year when the spirit of giving is first and foremost. This has been a good year for raising awareness about the environment, sprawl, energy, pollution and other huge issues facing our world. What can you do in the near future to help? I have a few small suggestions (in no specific order):

*Buy your local school a WINGSCAPES BIRDCAM. Better yet, install it and talk to the teachers and students about the local birds, plants and animals. Get them outdoors and interested. Their generation will be crucial to protecting the vanishing natural world.

*If you should decide to enjoy some wine this season, might I suggest saving a hummingbird while you taste the subtle hints of oak, strawberry, plum and chocolate? Ok, I don't really know what the exact flavors really are, but drinking a Clos LaChance wine will help save a hummingbird.

*Do something great in your yard to help birds survive the winter.

*Keep ALL cats indoors. Unless you own a mountain lion, cougar, bobcat, lynx, jaguar, puma, cougar or perhaps a leopard, keep that little house cat indoors. They love to kill birds.

*Plant a native tree or shrub in your yard. Preferably, one that birds enjoy, eat, sleep in, nest in, etc. HERE are some good places to start!

*Invite a friend birding, hiking, kayaking, climbing, to a Wildlife Preserve or a local State or County Park.

*Try to get the place where you work to participate in the Environmental Fund For Maryland.


*Call, write or email your local, state and national representatives. Thank them for their hard work, but let them know that they need to be vigilant about curbing the sprawl, controlling pollution, cutting energy use in our region and of course, Saving the Bay. Protecting the environment needs to be a top priority!

*Tell your family just how much you love and appreciate them. Then plant a soggy, wet, overly-affectionate kiss on 'em.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!All the best,

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Birdfreak said...

Wonderful post and great advice!

Merry Christmas and good birding to you from the Birdfreaks!

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