Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Say Hello to Declan

On December 28th at 2:28PM, Declan Jameson Haas was born in Annapolis at Anne Arundel Medical Center. His Mother Emery and I are beyond delighted. Declan is pure joy. We could watch him day and night and not grow bored or tired. Well... maybe a little tired.

Declan weighed 8 pounds, 5.7 ounces and he was a towering 20" long! He is eating well, sleeping lots and doing all of the things that a healthy, happy newborn should be doing!

Happiness abounds here at the Haas home in West Annapolis. Here are a few photos, along with one photo of Declan's first LIFER (a COOPERS HAWK that paid us a visit every morning while Emery and I were in the hospital)! I'd like to think that the bird was watching over us while we spent our time at the hospital.

By the way... the doctors, nurses and staff were so nice to us! If you ever find yourself in labor, we'd certainly recommend AAMC.

I have a feeling my bird experiences will be less in the coming months, but if I can manage to pull my eyes away from my son for a few minutes, I might find time to place my focus back into my binoculars for a minute or two! Until such time...
Happy New Year!

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