Thursday, January 3, 2008


On December 18th (my birthday) good friends Bill and Gail from the Wild Bird Center store in West Annapolis called to tell me that a customer had recently seen a male PAINTED BUNTING on their feeders! They gave me the customer's information and I quickly called the homeowners to see if I could pay them a visit.

An hour or two later, I made my way over to Pete and Margaret's home, in a community called Ferry Farms, just across from the Naval Academy. They let me set up my BIRDCAM on one of their feeders, where they had told me that the bird had visited over the past two days.

On the morning of the 20th, I returned with Bill Hubick from 7AM until 11:30. We managed to see and hear a lot of great birds, just no PAINTED BUNTING.

Around 8:30AM the next day, I returned to download photos from the BIRDCAM to my laptop in order to see if the bird stopped by, and of course, to clear the memory card for a full day of photos (while friends and I unsuccessfully sought out the WHITE WINGED CROSSBILL).That afternoon when I went to retrieve the day's images, I noticed the PAINTED BUNTING was on their feeders MINUTES after I had left this morning! Then, just as the dowload was complete, I saw the PAINTED BUNTING again. Two photos later and there was me taking the BIRDCAM down. The BIRD had JUST BEEN THERE!!!

So I went off into the yard searching. I found it a short time later deep inside a hedge at the back right corner of their yard. Below are some photos to enjoy!

Enjoy some BIRDCAM photos of this impressive rarity!What an amazing bird to have drop by for my birthday!

So have you gotten your BIRDCAM yet? No? Think of the rare birds that you might be missing while you are out working, running errands, or in my case... playing with your little newborn son!

Good Birding,



Warren & Lisa Strobel said...

Hey Dan, Emery and Declan - Great pictures of the PABU!! I am 0-for-3 on this one. Lisa is 0-for-4. But we will keep trying...

Hope to see the (newly expanded) Haas family soon.


LOUISE said...

Hey Dan! It was great meeting you and your wife and the absolutely precious little Declan while I was at my parent's house visiting! I, unfortunately did not get to see the bird in person while I was there, so it was extremely nice of you to share the wonderful pictures with me and my family! Thanks again! Happy birding :)
Louise M.

waxwing said...

I know your name from the MDOsprey bird list -- I'm purely a lurker.

Yesterday evening I was in the Annapolis area at my son's rugby game and I mentioned to a woman to whom I was speaking (and had just met) that I'd hoped to see an osprey since we were so close to so much water. We talked a little about ospreys then she casually mentioned she had been having a painted bunting visiting her back yard. After some excited exclamations on my part and some calmer discussion on her part I discovered this had been mentioned on the MDOsprey list (before I rejoined - but I recall seeing the subject in the archives) and you'd put up a birdcam to catch images of the bird. I don't know if this is post is the same bird as the one I heard about yesterday evening, but I found the post by searching painted bunting Annapolis. Anyway - just one of those "small world" vignettes.

Koddy said...

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