Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Bird Friendly Yard

The Haas family yard is for the birds.

We've got feeders galore! Feeders that hold sunflower seed, both in and out of the shell. Feeders that hold nyger seed. Feeders where birds can perch. Feeders where birds can forage. We have two window feeders so that we can watch the Tufted Titmouse snag a walnut bite from mere inches away! We've got four suet feeders for the Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. There are at always at least two water sources! We've got three hummingbird stations, five bird houses fit for a Wren or a Chickadee, one fit for a Bluebird and we've even put up a home for an Eastern Screech Owl!

We've got native plants and shrubs too. Lush evergreens for roosting on cold winter nights, a towering Tulip Poplar for the Crows, a Silver Maple to hold the Mourning Doves and House Finches, a few Holly trees under which the White Throated Sparrows do their moonwalk feeding dance, a Magnolia for the Cardinals to hide, two Crepe Myrtles where Goldfinches rest in the fall after feasting on our coneflowers, a thick trio of rose bushes (not native) fifteen feet high where House Sparrows crowd and the lord of the manor, our Mockingbird, watches his yard and four enormous Junipers that line our back yard where the Coopers Hawk eats his lunch.

What's more, we have very little grass and virtually no paved areas.The Haas' are proud of our little habitat. And we are always looking to improve it.

Good Yard Birding!


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