Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Lord of the Manor

A few blog posts ago I mentioned the resident NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD. He is, without a doubt, the Lord of the Manor, the Ruler of the Roost, the Prime Minister of the Shrubs, the President of the Poplar, the King of Giddings Avenue.I thought I'd show you two photos of him. He spends his days flying back and forth from the giant trio of roses over to the pines across the street. This continues all day long. Perhaps this is how a MOCKINGBIRD stays fit?

While I was out attempting to capture some photographs of the mocker, a flock of CEDAR WAXWINGS flew in to the Maple in the back yard. I've not seen the Waxwings hanging around West Annapolis in some time. Maybe it was the sudden warmth? Could the weather be any nicer?Enjoy the Warm Weather,

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