Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When Daddy Sleeps... I Can Blog

PSSST!! Hey, it's me Declan. Come over here for a second. I wanna tell you something.

As you can see, I've taken over Dad's blog for the night. What is a blog anyway?

Oh well. I wanted to let you know that Dad (Mommy calls him Dan) received an email update from his bird helper friend Kent at the Virginia Raptor Conservancy. Apparently, the RED SHOULDERED HAWK that was rescued on Sunday is now clean and almost fully recovered!

Kent informed my Dad that the hawk is doing just fine. The bird, (which Dad just found out is a SHE) cleared her pre-release exam by the vet today. She is clean again, and is a fine, heavy (fat?) bird. Kent mentioned that the bird will need a short time in the flight cage and she should be ready to go! The Chesapeake may not be as clean as everyone would like (muddy), but Kent believes that the bird is sure eating well there.

I'm eating well. By the way, what is mud?

Dad asked Kent to keep him informed about the bird's release. As soon as he finds out, I'd bet my entire stack of diapers that he will post notice here on his silly bird blog. Maybe you'd like to join us in watching the bird's release back into the wild?

The best thing about this weekend's rescue is that a perfectly healthy RED SHOULDERED HAWK is still alive, well and ready to fly another day! Sometimes when I cry a lot, I get red shoulders.

And now, some photo fun. That male PAINTED BUNTING returned to Annapolis on January 7th! This time, the little pretty bird seems to have become a bit camera shy. It looks very friendly and colorful.

I can focus about 12 inches in front of me. So if we go birding, you probably shouldn't ask me if something is a Bunting or an Buffalo. At the moment, I'm just not 100% on my passerines or large grazing mammals!

I need to sleep now. I've got to be up in a few hours. Mom and Dad love to wake up at 2AM, 4AM and 7AM!

My name is Declan.

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