Friday, January 11, 2008


Sometimes when we are out in the backyard, my Golden Retriever Oiseau gets a bit crazy. He will go from a serene calm, (your basic lounging in the winter grass) to a full-out sprint around the yard. For good measure, he will always find time to chase his tail for at least 5 complete revolutions!

Sure, it's nice in that his bursts of energy keep our grass from growing thick and lush. But the real joy is the amount of mud he brings into our home. Oiseau truly is one of a kind.His new thing is licking Declan's head whenever he gets a chance! He'd take an elbow or even some fingers, but a good swipe on the noggin' is just the thing to make Ois' happy. He is a great protector of our son. Kee Kee is as well, but she just barks early and often.

Have a great weekend!


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