Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's been a week since that cute little red head (the EASTERN SCREECH OWL) was last seen in our owl box. Since then, the back yard has been filled with the usual suspects. CARDINALS, DOWNY WOODPECKERS, CAROLINA WRENS, DARK EYED JUNCOS and CHICKADEES.

Yesterday morning, I looked up and thought I saw the owl. Nope... it was merely a HOUSE SPARROW.

This morning, I thought for sure that wonderful little owl was in there keeping warm in this frigid cold. Wrong again... just a SQUIRREL.I'll keep you posted. But at least now there are two homes from which to chose! One for Mom and the kids, the other for Dad. Think of it as a SCREECH OWL bachelor pad.

I'm sure he'd be watching the NFL playoffs today with a few of his man-owl buddies over for beers and mice! More than likely, he'd be pulling for the Packers and the Pats. Scientists have proven that SCREECH OWLS prefer Green Bay's Cheese Heads.

Good Birding and Stay Warm,


1 comment:

Larry said...

I'm a big Pats Fan being here in CT-At least you've got one out of two.!

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