Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Owling, Not Jowling

There have been a flurry of posts on my birding email listserv MDOSPREY regarding OWLS lately.

Owls with long ears, owls with shorts ears and owls with great horns. Owls that go screech, owls that saw whet and even owls with snow on them!

And now here I am telling the whole wide world (or to be more precise, you) the news that an EASTERN SCREECH OWL has been visiting my one of the nest boxes in my back yard.Owls need to eat, sleep, raise a family and not get eaten themselves. They enjoy their quiet time.This owl may stick around, or it might decide to only use my wooden box as an Owl Holiday Inn. EASTERN SCREECH OWLS have been known to utilize various sites for their roosting and nesting locations.And now I will leave the owl to it's business. May it raise a nice little family soon!Note: please do not confuse owling, the search for owls, with jowling. Jowling is the art of loosening one's face, nodding left to right to left, as fast as one can and taking a self-portrait!I can see where one might get confused, so please... make a note of it.

Good jOwling,


1 comment:

birdchaser said...

Very cool. My 3 year old just got here life Eastern Screech last night. Love those owls.

And the jowling is pretty cool too. Gonna put that on YouTube?

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