Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blinking Nuthatches... the PABU is back!

Declan wanted me to tell you this important news!

Norm Saunders from the Audubon Voice of the Naturalist reports the following bird update this Tuesday, January 22, 2008!

Top bird this week: a PAINTED BUNTING (PABU) in MARYLAND.

A beautiful male PAINTED BUNTING has been frequenting feeders in the Annapolis (Anne Arundel Co, MD) area. The first report dates to Dec 29. On Jan 20, a male PAINTED BUNTING showed up in Arnold; this yard is near Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd and backs to a bike path, close to the Asquith View crossing.Apparently, our little PABU that was in Ferry Farms, just across from the US Naval Academy, has decided to migrate closer to Severna Park (my childhood home). He was last seen at a feeder off the B&A Trail, just across the street from Chesapeake Academy on B&A Blvd. The PABU first showed up on my birthday, December 18th, at Pete and Margaret's home. It was last seen (and photographed) on January 7th. Maybe there is something of interest for this colorful bird in Severna Park?

Well, if you want to see one of North America's most spectacularly-colored birds, I say to you... GO! This male PABU is stunning and well worth the trip (and yes, even the shivering out in the cold).

In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy our WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH blinking. I did make a promise.Stay Warm!

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