Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Big Show At The Rams Head On Stage

On Thursday, February 28th, my band 'Ben's Bones' and I have been booked at the Ram's Head On Stage in Annapolis as headliners. We have some time until the big night, but not too much. So I thought I'd utilize the old bird blog to promote the show!In between fathering, working, birding, performing, eating and sleeping, I found a few minutes to pen a new song. It's been forever since my last song was written. Writing a tune was not as easy as I remember, nor was it as hard as I thought. We played last night at our regular Monday night at 49 West. At the end of the night, I unleashed the new song on the band. I must admit, it sounded quite good. I would like to try and write some more.The general rule of song writing is: write... a lot. The more tunes one creates, the better the odds are that one of them will be something special.That said, Josh, Jamie, Joe, Bryan and I would love it if you'd come to our big show! That's Bryan Ewald on the left. He is one of the finest guitarists in the land and he will be joining us On Stage on the 28th. This is a rare treat indeed. He adds an immeasurable amount of tone and quality to our songs. This show is going to be a hoot. (see, a bird reference!) Declan likes to sing too!


Join us? Get your tickets HERE.

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