Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Return of PABU & Hanging With Mr. Cooper

This edition of the Nervous Bird's blog title reads like tonight's movie listings, right?

True, there is nothing on the TV.

Even the HOUSE SPARROWS look interesting.

Instead of being out from 6:30AM until 8PM birding around Cambridge and Blackwater with my friend Bill, I decided to stay home with my wife Emery and our wonderful son Declan.


An email arrived around 9AM from T-J informing me that the PAINTED BUNTING had returned! The colorful bird was observed yet again in Arnold around 8 this morning over a cup of coffee. Well, not literally anyway. Note to all: when enjoying your morning beverage (coffee, juice, tea or even a bloody mary), take some time to have a look outside. You'll never know what you're going to see out there!

So around 10:30AM, I kissed my wife and son goodbye (they went to the mall... poor boy!) and ventured over to Severna Park to check on the BIRDCAM. I didn't see the bird, but noticed that those hilarious squirrels had flipped my motion-sensitive camera upside down. I downloaded the photos, but no evidence of the PABU's return (just that wonderful little squirrel). Luckily, when I returned home this evening, T-J emailed me the day's photos. Success.

This PAINTED BUNTING has been working the B&A Trail this winter.

After fixing the camera, I ventured off with Western Maryland's finest birders J.B. Churchill and David Yeany II for a tour of Annapolis' Greenbury Point. Later, I paid a solo visit to Waterworks Park near Annapolis Mall. This afternoon the birds were either asleep or hiding. I did hear a BARRED OWL deep in the woods at Waterworks. Several raptors made their presence known and the CEDAR WAXWINGS were in abundance as well. Aside from that, it was just another wonderful day in and around town.

My birding-bonus upon returning home: right outside my front door I saw...




Our resident sparrow hunter was quite pleasant and obliging this evening. I simply walked up to it and took these photos. This accipiter was peering into an evergreen loaded with HOUSE SPARROWS (who were all probably scared stiff). No meals were consumed whilst the neighbors and I were observed the bird, but I'm sure this hawk won't go to bed hungry. We have a surplus of HOUSE SPARROWS in West Annapolis.

Good Birding,


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