Thursday, March 13, 2008

PABU & Friends Enjoying the Afternoon Sun

I stopped by to see my friends Ginger, T-J and ARNOLD PABU (AKA Painted Bunting) this afternoon.The bird was there feeding, as per his usual, on the green feeder visible from the B&A Trial. Today, PABU was joined by a NORTHERN CARDINAL with some really bad molt and a CHIPPING SPARROW. Also in the neighborhood today: COMMON GRACKLES, WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS, AMERICAN CROWS, DOWNY WOODPECKER, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, HERMIT THRUSH, TUFTED TITMOUSE, NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD, AMERICAN GOLDFINCH, HOUSE FINCH, DARK-EYED JUNCOS, AMERICAN ROBINS, CAROLINA CHICKADEES and TURKEY VULTURES!Ginger mentioned to me that lately the PAINTED BUNTING has been seen taking morning baths in the bird bath. The BIRDCAM might be moved there soon to capture this very cleanly bird.PABU has also been nabbed several times by the BIRDCAM at T-J's house! Taylor MacLean dropped by from Baltimore to view the BUNTING this afternoon too. Luckily, the bird made an appearance for him after my departure.Ginger mentioned that the bird was pecking on her window. What appears to be this bird's attempt at gaining entry into Ginger's house is more than likely a exhibition put on the bird. I had a SONG SPARROW that would peck for hours and hours, days upon days, at a reflection in a trash can! PAINTED BUNTINGS have been known to be very territorial. They spend a lot of time proving their worth for the ladies. Singing (that's how I got my Emery) is one way. I suppose pecking at the competition is another way to accomplish the same goal? More than likely, PABU was trying to show that other PABU (his reflection) just who's boss!Of course, I could totally be wrong. As of yet, no one has been able to interview the bird.


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