Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take A Kid Birding

Declan is sleeping in now. He just can't wait to get up at 5AM (as if he doesn't already... HAH!) to see the soon-to-be-arriving migrating warblers.

Then he asked me, "Dad, what's a warbler?" "That's an easy one son," I told him. "A warbler is a very small, colorful bird that sounds just like you when you are happy."

That Cape May Bird Observatory bumper sticker is on my Maton Guitar case. I am very much looking forward to showing my son all of the wonders of the world around him.

And yes, I'm also looking forward to introducing him to tons of great music.

Declan, weighing in at a hearty 14.1 lbs, is smiling a lot these days! He likes his nose and chin poked. A good tickle on the belly also does the trick in achieving that ear to ear grin.

All the best,

Dan, Emery & Declan

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