Sunday, March 9, 2008

No time to blog. Come back later? (EDITED)

(While Declan slept...)

I've got (HAD) chores to do: clean the house (yes), the yard (yes), empty the leaves from the gutters (no), get shoelaces (no), feed my family (yes, yes, yes), scoop the poop (yes), do the windows (yes), finish the taxes (NO), feed the birds (yes), walk the dogs (oh, sadly no), love Declan and Emery (ABSOLUTELY YES!) and BOOK some GIGS (tried, but no gigs were booked)!

That said, tomorrow or later tonight I'll post photos from yesterday's wonderful Eastern Shore birding adventure with my good friend Andy Sprenger. At that time, I'll have more time to tell all sorts of great stories! (Well, that time is now. I had some free time this evening after watching the Series Finale of THE WIRE.)

We did see a GOLDEN EAGLE. A life bird for me. A target bird for the trip. Ahhhh... Nothing quite like success.And we also saw some boldly-colored PINE WARBLERS singing their hearts out.One more photo of this fine looking, early-arriving WARBLER for good measure.And, I capped the day off with a visit to Les Roslund's home near Tunis Mills. I was hoping to see some PINE SISKINS. Les very kindly introduced me to his flock. Thanks Les!Ironically enough, when I checked some old BIRDCAM photos from way back in October, I have now learned that a PINE SISKIN has officially visited our yard here in West Annapolis.Just for fun, here is a PINE SISKIN sitting still for a brief moment. This one appears to be doing a George Burns impersonation, pretending that his thistle seed is a cigar.Finally, this afternoon Emery, Declan and I went to visit our friend Adam. He lives near the bridge. Adam was very busy renovating his master bath, so he couldn't hike through the woods with us. My goal was to hopefully capture a photo of the falcon on or near it's scrape. At the very least, l wanted Declan and Emery to view the pair perched on the bridge or flying above us. Sadly, there were no PEREGRINE FALCONS to be seen this cold Sunday afternoon. Or at least that is what I thought! Upon returning home, I was checking over the photos and found one of them. Can you find the FALCON?Have a great week!




Warren & Lisa Strobel said...

Congrats on the lifer!

Nervous Birds said...

Thank you BirdCouple!!!

It was quite a find. I've been wanting to see one for some time, and it was well worth the wait.

Did you two have a nice weekend?


Warren & Lisa Strobel said...

Somehow we can't manage to get our chores done AND go birding! Sigh.

Where is the falcon? Hint please....

Larry said...

Warblers in March-cool! I saw a Golden Eagle once before I really started birding.-Wish I could see another one now!-Nice photos too.

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