Sunday, April 27, 2008


It was a ROYAL day that I won't soon forget.

TODAY I saw and heard my first CERULEAN WARBLER, one of America's most threatened birds.

Whenever work gets too stressful or whenever I make some big old mistake that needs fixing, I will simply think back to this morning and recall the excitement of seeing this wonderful blue warbler for the first time.

TODAY I saw my first BROAD-WINGED HAWK of the year.

Whenever I am playing a gig and a request to sing an awful song is made by a patron who has had too much to drink, I will think back to this fine overcast morning and find happiness in the memory of seeing this stunning migrant raptor so close.TODAY I went looking for CLIFF SWALLOWS in the skies of Carroll County. Finally finding two of them foraging overhead with some CHIMNEY SWIFTS gave me the internal thrill and satisfaction that goes along with adding one more species of bird to my life list.

TODAY I saw a VEERY. It was very, very nice and it filled me with delight knowing that so many wonderful things share this world with my family and I.TODAY I heard my son DECLAN 'coo' and 'ahh' and 'ayeeeah'. There is nothing in the world that could fill me with love and wonderment and hope and joy more than my son and his mother, my most-amazing wife Emery. Nothing...

When some future TODAY offers up life's inevitable ups and downs, I will be able to look back to a day like TODAY and find the happiness I need to get me through the rough spots.
Have a wonderful week.



Warren & Lisa Strobel said...

As always, amazing pictures! Sweet post, too.

When can we see you three?

PS - I must be losing my sense of humor, because it actually took me a second to get your barred owl who cooks for you joke.

Bennet said...

Thanks for the uplifting post. It made a bad day disappear.

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