Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peregrine Falcon Aerial Acrobatics

I noticed two exceptionally sleek, thoroughly speedy raptors darting about in the skies above the Greenbury Point this afternoon.At first, I saw only one PEREGRINE FALCON. Or, should I say that IT saw ME?It appeared as if this particular falcon was in the middle of a hunt. Soon, I saw the larger female PEREGRINE join in the fun.These two PEREGRINE FALCONS were streaking across Annapolis' mostly-sunny skies much to my delight.I was hoping to see one or both perform an extended stoop, one of their famous hunting techniques. Instead they performed loads of acrobatics, complete with speedy dives and tight banks. Alas, there were no lead balloon-like plummets for prey while I was observing. Love (not lunch) was in the air.That (above) is a NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW.
This bright fellow below? That'd be a BALTIMORE ORIOLE.The last time I saw one of these BALMER ORYULS so close, I was in the town of Arenal in Costa Rica. As soon as Declan and Emery would like... we will return!Good Birding,


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