Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring News

It's Saturday and I've been too busy to blog this week. Briefly, here is an update for your enjoyment.

* The Haas Family Hummingbird feeders (all three of them) have been cleaned, filled and hung in the yard. Any second now those little iridescent hovering birds will be enjoying the sugary water mix we've set out for them here in West Annapolis.

* Speaking of bird feeding, I switched my seed over from black oil sunflower to safflower. The GRACKLES and STARLINGS were eating me out of house and home. Luckily, these two species don't enjoy the safflower seed as much, so the birds that are dropping by are much more enjoyable. Those 'other' birds are quite messy. For that matter, so are the squirrels. The good news is that the regular cast of characters are back in the yard.

* I'm also trying to do the meal worm thing. If anyone has any pointers for alerting the birds to these free worms, let me know.

* The PAINTED BUNTING has been in the news this week. PABU has been turing up regularly at BOTH the Arnold and the Annapolis feeders! In some cases, only a few hours separate the sightings! Could there be TWO PAINTED BUNTINGS? Well, hopefully we will find out soon. I've got two WINGSCAPES BIRDCAMS set up at both locations. The motion-activated photographs have date stamps on the photos. So IF this bird is seen feeding at the same time, there will be definitive proof that there are two in the area. The two locations are about five miles apart, as the BUNTING flies!

* Lastly, I received an update on the Severn River Bridge PEREGRINE FALCONS from Craig at US Fish & Wildlife Friday afternoon.


Hi. I have good and bad news to report. I checked the Severn River Bridge around noon today. The falcons are currently not using the nest box. I have a feeling that painting activities (spot work and cable removal) have contributed in making the birds nervous in the area of the nest box. I did however, locate the falcons on pier cap #5. I watched their behaviors and I believe she is trying to find an area with substrate. I am positive they will not find anything since the bridge was thoroughly cleaned. I have a hunch they will be returning to the box... but late. I will be talking with SHA is a few minutes to get a read on work activities, etc. I will keep you apprised."

I shall keep my fingers crossed for a successful nesting season with the PEREGRINES.

Enjoy your weekend,


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