Monday, May 5, 2008

Letter to My Wife Emery, Told in Birdspeak

Lover, out of ALL the chicks in ALL of the flocks in this great big world of ours, how lucky was I to have found you? VERY lucky indeed.I know that sometimes you like to do your thing. And, me? I like to do mine. But I'm so happy that we live in the same pond so we can share all of our wonderful experiences with each other.And, yes... far too often I go on and on about birds, or music, or Declan, or about keeping the house neat, or about the dogs, or about... well, you know what I mean.I'd bet that my all-day-birding trips make you pretty BITTERN sometimes too.It probably makes your head turn knowing that I want to go out yet AGAIN this coming weekend and do it all over again. It can be hard to SWALLOW sometimes, I know.Hey... wait. Don't perch so far away lover! I know that you and I are doing this balancing act, but trust me... I'm getting to the good part.I know that sometimes we don't always see things the same way...But Emery... ever since we BANDED together...And started our very own family...I would fly with you ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!I LOVE YOU EMERY. Thanks for letting me get my bird-fix this year.

Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Dan

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