Thursday, July 17, 2008

Strange Visitor?

My good friend and band mate Josh Chapman had this strange little visitor drop by he and his wife Anne's front porch yesterday in St. Margarets, MD. Could it be a commonly-sold DOMINANT SILVER ZEBRA FINCH? They go for almost $40 smackers! It's more than likely an escaped pet, but the identification is still a fun activity worth exploring.The little bird flew away soon after these two cell phone shots were taken. No more updates to report as of today.So, regardless of how you feel about those cute little birds trapped in cages at your local pet store, what do you think it is?

The little guy (or gal) sure looks sad in that second photo, eh?


1 comment:

Bird Feeder Scott said...

I really don't know what bird that is, but it sure does look sad in that picture! I've heard several stories of people finding pet birds out in the wild.

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