Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Just Move Mountains... Save Them!

While I type this note on my electric-loving Mac PowerBook, enjoying a cool glass of water from the refrigerator, it giving me pause to think about power.

I urge everyone to consider where and how we get our electricity. Coal-fired plants provide us with an enormous amount of power, which like any good drug, has got us all hooked and addicted.

Sadly, in most situations, we humans seek out the quick and easy way. When it comes to coal mining, that "way" is to simply blow up a mountain, instead of good old-fashioned mining. The process is easy, quick and clearly profitable. And everyone wins, right? It would appear that our energy supply is cheap and plentiful.

But we aren't really winning anything. When it comes to our monthly bill, yes... energy is dirt cheap. But for future generations, our greed will be their dirty mess to clean up (if it is even possible to undo the damages). Our children and grandchildren will bear the burden for how thoroughly we've destroyed their environment, all in the name of cheap energy now.

Clean coal? Yeah, uhm... not really.

One need only drive into Baltimore City to view the haze that surrounds it almost daily. It's been found to be a result of all of the coal-fired power plants that burn away in the Ohio river valley. The smog from those plants drift Eastward and gets buffered to a stop by the Chesapeake Bay.

I love solar power. I tolerate wind power. I urge my representatives regularly to support more research and development into new, alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Most of all, I support saving the mountains. I ask you to do the same.

For more information, please visit this site:

When you're done, turn off your computer or implement some of these possible energy savers. Doing so might just one day save an entire mountain.


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